Course Curriculum

Week 1-4

Data Science Essentials
  • Dashboarding & Automation using Excel (spreadsheet)

  • Data Visualization & Data Storytelling using Tableau

  • Dashboarding Handling using Python

  • Case Studies

Week 5-8

Descriptive Statistics & Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Visualize Data using Python

  • Analytical Problem Solving & Structured Thinking using Real world business case studies

  • Exploratory Data Analysis using Large Data Sets

  • Descriptive & Inferential Statistics using Mini Case Studies

  • Hypothesis Testing

  • Case Studies

Week 9-12

Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning
  • Multiple Linear Regression - Help a large insurance company predict customer lifetime sales potential

  • Logistic Regression

  • Clustering

  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA) & Factor Engineering

  • Model Validation, Evaluation & Model Selection

  • Real-world Projects from Credit Risk, Marketing, HR, eCommerce, Cab Aggregator Industries

Week 13-16

Advanced Machine Learning
  • Decision Trees

  • Random forest

  • Boosting & Bagging

  • Neural Networks Foundation

Week 17-24


AI & Deep Dive into Deep Learning

  • Neural Networks Principles & Engineering Foundation

  • Tensorflow

  • Keras

  • Pytorch

Case Studies

Standard Course Fee

(No 'pay as you earn' payment option)

Pay us full fees of Rs 1,65,000 + GST upfront.




Pay As You Earn

(Income Sharing Agreement)

Pay us 17.5% of your salary for 36 months or Rs. 8195 whichever is higher if you are earning minimum guaranteed CTC. Maximum capped at Rs. 2,50,000/- + GST.



Filling of Primary and extensive application forms with academic  and personal background.



There will be a series of assessments on Quantitative, Critical Reasoning and Interpersonal skills

Demo class 

Selected students will take a three day demo class followed by an assessment.

Interview And ISA signing 

Students selected by an final interview by experts will sign the ISA and start the course.

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