Hit the Career Transformation bullseye by joining the Data Science Online Course. Have Questions? Here are some Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


What is the time span of this program?

This data science course is approximately 24 week long.

What are the eligibility criteria for taking admission in this program?

Any candidate who is in his final semester or has completed Graduation/Post Graduation and has a propensity towards mathematics and statistics and/or computer programming is eligible to apply for this learning program. The candidate should have good communication and interpersonal skills. It is to be noted that prior knowledge of computer programming is NOT REQUIRED for this course.

What will be the class timings?

Class timings for each batch differ. Please contact your co-ordinator for details regarding your schedule and timings.

Will I be given recovery classes for missed lessons?

Links of the recorded classes would be forwarded to the students who have missed classes. Also the students will be given a chance to clarify the doubts from the faculty-in-charge.

Do we have options for part time classes?

The program has a fixed schedule, during which you will have to attend lectures with a dedicated professor, Teaching Assistant, and personal mentor. 3 hour daily commitment is required for the next 6 months in order to achieve positive results. Also class timings are such that you can take up classes along with your current job or College.

If students miss classes due to examination purposes will they get recovery classes?

Remedial classes would be conducted for the students who have missed classes due to their exams. Exam schedule should be sent to SkillEnable at least 2 months prior to the exam.

Will the students be given certification on the completion of this program?

Joint certification from Skillenable and Ivy Pro School would be provided to the candidate on the completion of the program. This certificate would be a industry endorsed and indicate completion of Data science, Artificial Intelligence ad Machine learning course.

How do I apply for this program?

If you are interested in our Deep Dive In Data Science, ML and AI Course, you can apply here.

What is the language of communication going to be?

Since each batch includes students from all over India, we follow English as the only language of communication.

What is the minimum attendance requirement?

Yes a minimum of 90% attendance is required to complete this course. Regularly attending lectures and other sessions allows you to get all your doubts resolved in real time.

Can experienced coders join this program?

Yes, the course is for any candidate who wishes to develop the skill set for Data Science and wishes to pursue this as a career later. The program has been designed in a manner where it would be beneficial for both experienced and inexperienced coders.


How do the students need to prepare for the entrance test?

The entrance test requires basic knowledge in subjects like mathematics and statistics. The entrance assessments are designed to ensure a high quality of candidate for this elite program. We also test other strengths such as logical reasoning, general knowledge and overall aptitude. Moreover, psychometric analysis is also conducted as our main goal is to find a highly motivated individual.

Will college grades matter in the selection process for this program?

Your performance in our entrance test will be given more weightage than your college grades. Although it would be an important part of the overall selection criteria.

When will I get the Selection Result?

You’ll get the selection result via Email when you complete the enrollment process.

Once I clear the assessment test and forthcoming rounds, will I be permitted to join the next batches?

For every batch a new set of assessments will be conducted. So even if you have given the assessments earlier, you’ll have to give the assessments again to be a part of the new batch.


What is a qualifying position?

1. A salaried employee or waged employee working an average of at least 30 hours per week
2. A full time contractor for 3 months or longer
3. An intern in a paid internship used to evaluate a candidate for a full time salaried role

After the completion of this learning program,I wish to work in the same organization as before. How will that work with the ISA?

You are free to stay in your current organization. The ISA is activated as long as you have received a qualifying offer with minimum guaranteed CTC.

Which companies can possibly hire me?

Our alumni are currently working at 200+ Analytics and Data Science companies including Capgemini, Amazon, J.P. Morgan,ITC,Genpact,PwC and Honeywell. You will be actively referred to all our hiring partners.

Is there a limit to the number of companies a candidate will be referred to?

The candidate will be actively referred to the companies until he/she successfully secures a job with the minimum guaranteed CTC. We will also help you do significantly better in campus placements, and identify opportunities across other mediums.

Do I have an option when it comes to selecting among the referred companies?

Of course you can select the company you like. However, our promise of offering you a referral is fulfilled after you have received one qualifying offer.

What happens if I get a job while the learning program is in process?

You begin your recruitment process with us in the third month of the program and therefore it is likely that you will get an offer while the program is still in process. The terms of the ISA don’t change. You sign the ISA at the beginning of the program and we consider any job that you have gotten after you have joined our program to be attributable to our program, and therefore the ISA works just as it would if you got a job right after the program.

When does the referrals begin?

Once the learning program reaches mid-way the students would start to be referred to our hiring partners based on their potential and calibre.

How will we know about your campus offers?

We have active representatives in numerous institutions and companies. Moreover, we believe in building relationships of trust and transparency with our students.


In what ways can the payment for the learning program be made?

Upfront Fee Payment: Rs. 1,50,000 + GST Income Sharing Basis: Pay 17.5% of your CTC for a maximum period of 3 years only if you are earning minimum guaranteed CTC. . Maximum repayment to us is capped at Rs. 2.5L + 18% GST.

Is 17.5% to be paid on the base salary or CTC?

17.5% of the non variable component of your CTC.

What happens if I fail in securing a job with minimum guaranteed CTC?

You would be actively referred to our hiring partners for one year after the learning program completion. If you are not earning the minimum CTC / more than the minimum CTC, you will not be liable to pay us.

Does the ISA payment contract get affected by a hike in the candidate’s remuneration?

No.Your monthly fee would not change with a hike post employment.

Do we have an EMI option for the payment of the fees?

Yes, We offer a 0 cost EMI option as well. Zero Cost EMI : (Rs. 7375 for 24 months inclusive of GST.

What happens when I leave a company I was placed in?

You are liable to start paying us once you start earning minimum guaranteed CTC / more than minimum guaranteed CTC. It's completely on you to continue or discontinue the ongoing job. We would highly recommend against shouldering the financial burden of an EMI without a job though.

What happens if I decline a job offer with minimum guaranteed CTC due to location or profile issues and retain my previous job? Do I still have to pay?

Once you are earning minimum guaranteed CTC / more than minimum guaranteed CTC after the learning program completion, you are liable to start paying the monthly amount as per ISA.

If the company I am placed in faces trouble and therefore I have to leave. Am I still liable to pay?

If our company finds your reasons genuine then you would be given the necessary assistance.It would not indemnify you from your payments but we will assist you if your case is genuine

What happens if I fail in securing a job with minimum guaranteed CTC?

You would be actively referred to our hiring partners for two years after the learning program completion. If you are not earning minimum CTC, you will not be liable to pay us.


I wish to pursue higher studies hence can I join this learning program?

We have a prepaid payment option for the candidates who don't wish to take up a job on the completion of the learning program.

How do we assign mentors to our students?

Students are assigned mentors based on the candidate specific strengths and weaknesses.

Can someone of age more than 30 apply for the program?

Yes, if the candidate’s age is above 30, he/she can still apply for this program. The candidate’s profile, experience and a lot of different factors is used to assess the final selection of the candidate along with the assessments and hence the age is not the only selection criteria.


What is an ISA?

ISA is the Income Share Agreement. ISA fundamentally means that you share a part of your income as the course fee i.e. you pay the course fee, once you start earning as a result of the skills you learn in the course.

How does ISA work at SkillEnable?

  • According to our ISA, you will pay the tuition fee of Rs. 2,50,000 + GST when you are earning a salary equal to or more than the minimum Guaranteed CTC. You’ll have the option to pay this fee in easy EMIs of upto 36 months.
  • ISA is a legally binding contract which ensures that all the parties involved in the contract follow all the rules and regulations. It has information, terms & conditions related to your Training, Placement & Income Sharing.
  • ISA is signed by You, SkillEnable and your confirming party (guardian) if applicable.

Is there a Registration Fee involved if one chooses the ISA payment option?

  • Yes, there is a registration fee of Rs. 10,000 +GST.
  • You only have to pay this registration fee after successfully completing the selection process.
  • This registration fee is paid upfront i.e. before the batch starts.
  • It is also fully refundable if we disqualify you from the ISA Track within the Probation
This registration fee helps us ensure that only serious students join the batch and the entire batch progresses together with a strong focus on efforts and learning.

When do I have to start paying as per the ISA?

You will start paying from the time you get your 1st salary after the completion of your training program. (if salary meets minimum CTC criteria as pre agreed).

How will you verify my income?

As per the ISA, you will be legally bound to furnish all the documents relevant to your Income such as Offer Letter, Salary Slips, Income Tax Returns, Bank Statements etc as and when we require.

Will I have to pay the ISA obligations if I change my Job?

  • Yes. You will have to keep paying.

What happens if I quit this learning program midway?

  • If for any reason you drop out in the first 2 weeks : NO ISA OBLIGATION.
  • If for any reason you drop out between weeks 2 and 12 : You are liable for course fees on a Pro Rata Basis.
  • If for any reason you drop out between weeks 12 and 24 : You are liable for the entire amount owed to us as per ISA.

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